Pass through output
Makes sure the 'Choose' action is active and does not sit in the background
 Choose' action. Displays a dialogue for choosing an Application to open the files with
Pass through on the Application chosen and collect the file stored in the 'file' var. These will then both be passed on to the next action
on run {input, parameters} tell current application to activate end run
on run {input, parameters} set theApp to (POSIX path of (item 1 of input)) repeat with i from 2 to number of items in input set this_item to item i of input tell application theApp to open this_item end repeat tell application theApp to activate end run
Ignore output
We convert the Chosen Application's path to a Unix style path (/path/to/ ) so that we can use it in the Tell Application.. We then use a repeat loop in case there is more than on file selected to open the files with the chosen App And make sure the app is the Active one.
Set Value of Variable : this stores the selected files in the finder